No doubt, you have things to be proud of and want to make them known. We don’t spin yarns about our clients (unless this is what they want). Instead, we offer our clients professional assistance in navigating a wide range of communication possibilities that exist in modern world. A clear understanding of WHAT you want to communicate to WHOM and WHY is the key to success.

Our job is to help you find correct answers to these simple questions, plan your actions thoroughly and achieve the best result possible.

Our experience

Lviv Zabava

PR support of Festival Lviv Zabava 2013 (Media, advertising, SMM, BTL)

Mariya Yaremchuk

PR support of Mariya Yaremchuk – Ukrainian representative Eurovision 2014 (Advertising, SMM)

MC St. Paraskeva

PR support of medical center St. Paraskeva (Media, advertising)

Dik Art Company

PR support of Dik Art Company

Eko Dim

PR support of Eko Dim company (Advertising)

Cheese and wine

PR support of Festival Cheese and wine (Media, SMM)

Win with the lion!

PR support of tourist forum Win with the lion (Media, SMM)

Chocolate Festival

PR support of Chocolate Festival (Media, SMM)

Festival Pampuha

PR support of Festival Pampuha (Media, SMM)

Easter Festival

PR support of Easter Festival (Media, SMM)

Lviv on the plate

PR support of Festival Lviv on the plate (Media, SMM)

Magyar Fest

PR support of Magyar Fest (BTL, advertising, Media, SMM)